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Unforgettable Solar Eclipse Viewing in Uvalde, Texas

Night Sky with Stars

Uvalde, Texas: Your Front-Row Seat to the Captivating Total Eclipse of 2024

Witness the Spectacular Total Eclipse in Uvalde, Texas - 2024 Event

Dark Skies

Not only is Uvalde directly in the path of the Solar Eclipse, but you won't have interference from the city lights that will turn on when the sky goes dark. 

We are located outside the City of Uvalde, Texas just a short drive away from San Antonio, but far enough to be away from the city lights. 

Get the best spot reserved

Join Us in Uvalde, Texas for the Unforgettable Total Eclipse of 2024

For this spectacular event, this is a dry camping or boondocking area. 

We do have dump stations and water refills for your RV or personal usage.  

The cost to reserve a spot is a non-refundable payment of $315.00

The spots  will be fitted and sized towards the size of your Car, Rv, or anything to make your stay comfortabe. We Got 400 Acres so we GOT PLENTY OF ROOM

4 admission bands are included. Additional bands are $11. 

Things We Will Have

Port a Potty Stations 


Movie Nights 

Karaoke Night

Djs and Performers

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